Yes, It’s Possible to Love Your Job!

Throughout the Northwest, each Shari’s exists to offer its local community a warm and welcoming restaurant that serves flavorful and affordable comfort food along with genuine friendly conversation. We truly believe our team members and guests form the heart and soul of Shari’s business. Think of Shari’s as a place where you actually like going to work. Join us, get to know our cherished guests and watch your food service career really take off.


If you join the Shari’s family, we want you to thrive. After 40 years as a successful restaurant chain, we’ve learned the key characteristics successful team members share. So how do you know if Shari’s culture FITS your personality? Easy. We broke it down into four simple words.


If you work at Shari’s, you love food. We’ll give you plenty of chances to expand your knowledge of foods and recipes. We’re continually bringing in new and exciting food products for you to experience, and introduce to our guests. We try new cooking techniques to bring out the texture and flavor of our Northwest Fresh ingredients. Before you know it, you’ll be a Pacific Northwest comfort food aficionado. It’s all part of the reason we like to say Shari’s stands for “simply great food.”


Honor and integrity are woven into the way we approach our guests, coworkers and the business of food service. It can be summed up as “do the right thing”. We’re honest with ourselves and others. Truth is a powerful communication tool. Which is why we don’t assign blame, or make excuses. Instead, we work together in an open and respectful manner. It results in actions that solve problems, rather than intensify them.


When you join the Shari’s team, we’ll help you nurture your natural talents. Our high energy and positive work/dining environment creates plenty of opportunity to assert yourself. Our most successful team members are those who are driven by excellence, never settling for “acceptable”. Here, you are always learning and improving. Our extensive training program puts you in a position to succeed.


To say our service goes above and beyond is a bit of an understatement. We like to say our team members have “hearts for service”. They truly love serving others. It shows each and every day as they do some pretty amazing things for our guests. This friendly atmosphere makes Shari’s the place where people come to celebrate a birthday, go on a first date, or gather with friends. It says a lot about our people that our guests choose to spend special times with us.

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You’re just an application away from some incredible jobs. The following job descriptions will help you find where you might fit in at Shari’s. The jobs are as diverse as the people who work with us every day. Here’s hoping you find something you like.

General Manager

As the General Manager, you are ultimately responsible for operating a successful and profitable restaurant. You set the standard that Assistant General Managers and team members strive to reach. Because you lead professionally and by example, your team will know what is expected of them as they provide great guest service, properly prepare menu items, maintain a clean and safe environment. In short, you oversee creating a desirable atmosphere for both guests and team members. When an issue arises, you deal with it in a timely manner and make sure the appropriate people are brought into the loop. You have the responsibility to recruit, hire, train and develop your team and take pride in seeing others grow. Your professional, confident and outgoing personality makes it obvious to our guests and your team that you are in charge and yet approachable. As the General Manager you will be responsible for enforcing all federal / state laws and company policies pertaining to health and safety as well as team member-related laws and policies.

Assistant General Manager

Working for and in support of the General Manager, you will independently manage the restaurant on your shift. Your focus is on guest satisfaction, giving direction to team members, increasing sales, ensuring proper food preparation and maintaining a desirable and safe work environment. Your outgoing personality will serve you well as you visit with guests, make sure that their visit met their expectations and take the time to get to know them. You will need to be comfortable and confident in your decision- making skills in order to correct issues with team members, or address issues a guest may have during your shift. You will be held accountable for making sure each team member on your shift completes their tasks. You will be responsible for assuring that all safety, sanitation, and food handling laws and policies are being followed as well as all employment related laws and policies.


As the person who has the most contact with our guests, you are Shari’s service ambassador. You will ensure our guests’ dining experience is exceptional. You possess a deep desire to serve and engage with others and make them feel at ease. Your love for simply good food will aid you in making menu recommendations to our guests. As a person who takes pride in the appearance of their surroundings, you will be required to do some cleaning.


As the first point of contact for our guests, you set the stage for their overall dining experience. Your sincerity and ability to engage our guests in friendly conversation will be key. Our hosts show guests to their tables, offer them beverages and periodically help with other dining room and cleaning duties. Occasionally you may be expected to assist in the baking of our award-winning pies, cinnamon rolls, quiche, etc.


Our cooks man the heart of the restaurant – the kitchen. You need the ability to prepare a number of eye- and palate-pleasing menu items in a timely fashion. It’s what sets Shari’s apart from our competition. More importantly, you are able to adjust to the flow of business, follow set specs for each menu item and welcome occasional menu changes. You must be able to communicate with other Shari’s team members to ensure our guest’s overall satisfaction. You’ll also maintain a clean and well-stocked kitchen.


Your attention to detail and willingness to work hard is exactly what is required as a dishwasher at Shari’s. You not only ensure that our dishes are clean and sanitary, but also that clean dishes, glassware, and silverware are always available. Our guests notice the overall cleanliness of our restaurant, due in large part to your hard work mopping floors, cleaning restrooms, emptying the trash and making sure the outside area around the restaurant is tidy.

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How We Work

One measure of a workplace is whether the folks who work there are happy. Do they stay long? Are they satisfied with their jobs? Would they want their friends or family working there? Here at Shari’s, we’re proud to say these questions all get a resounding “YES”!

Shari’s people are the key ingredient in our success. So we are truly dedicated to their development. We put a lot of effort into making Shari’s a great place to work. In fact, a recent Team Member Survey revealed the top reasons team members love working at Shari’s:

  • Enjoyable work environment
  • Guest service oriented
  • Enjoy working with their team
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Great new-hire training
  • Ongoing skill development
  • Personal recognition

With comments like these, it’s no surprise that more than a third of our team members have been with us for at least five years. Small wonder that Shari’s consistently has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

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At Shari’s, our goal is to help you develop your career with us. Our training programs allow you to keep working while developing the skills necessary to advance throughout the company.


Management Training Programs

For new and existing managers Shari’s offers different levels of management training programs. These programs are offered in a variety of ways: online through our Corporate University taught by corporate instructors, at Certified Training Restaurants, or personally by management or training staff in your location. If you choose a management career with Shari’s, these programs are designed to progress you through the management levels from Shift Leader to Assistant General Manager to General Manager. Shari’s believes in promoting from within the company whenever possible and you will find that many of the people you work with have held other positions within the company.

Training Positions

At Shari’s, each restaurant develops their own training staff known as Team Trainers. Team Trainers assist the management team in conducting newly hired team member training and other training functions at the restaurant. Our team members who aren’t quite ready for full-time management positions feel this is an excellent opportunity for contributing to the restaurant and developing their skills. Team Trainers may also participate in new restaurant openings.


Flexible Hours

If your goal is to pursue a more formal education or you have childcare needs, there are nearly unlimited scheduling possibilities available. In fact, through our annual survey, our team members tell us that one of their manager’s greatest strengths is working with their schedules.
Tuition Reimbursement For Assistant Managers and General Managers, Shari’s offers a Tuition Reimbursement program for courses related to their position. The company will reimburse up to $300 for approved courses twice a year.


With nearly 100 restaurants in six states, there are many opportunities for you to continue your employment if you find that transferring would make better use of your talents, including greater challenges, possibilities for growth and development, or simply needing to relocate.

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Meal Discount on Duty

We are proud of our food and want team members to be familiar with the taste and appearance of all the items we serve. With this in mind, Shari’s has a generous team member meal program.

Meal Discount off Duty

Shari’s is all about family dining and Shari’s provides team members with a 30% discount card starting with your first paycheck. Shari’s 30% discount card allows you to purchase meals for yourself and immediate family members who are accompanying you at any Shari’s location during your time off. Many of our team members find this especially helpful when they are traveling or are on vacation. In addition, managers are encouraged to dine during their off-duty time with their families at a 100% discount twice a month and Assistant General Managers once a month.

100 Club

Shari’s has a long tradition of getting to know our guests by name and a little something about them. This is the basis of Shari’s 100 Club. Club membership is open to any employee who can learn the name and something about 100 guests. Team members are rewarded with a pin and cash bonus. Some of your Shari’s teammates know more than 2,500 guests.

Hero Award

Shari’s team members do some pretty amazing things; going above and beyond to be of service to our guests. To recognize this type of outstanding performance Shari’s has developed a “Hero Award”. Recipients are recognized in our company newsletter and also receive a cash bonus.

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Medical Benefits

Shari’s offers a choice of medical plans to full time non-management team members upon meeting the required hours worked criteria over a period of 12 months.


Shari’s offers competitive pay based on experience and we pay our team members every other week with 26 pay periods in a year.


Shari’s 401(k) is a great way to save for retirement through pre-tax payroll deductions. Team members participating in the plan are eligible for a matching contribution, awarded annually based on company financial results.

Vacation / Paid Sick Leave

Depending on work location and work schedule, Shari’s team members may be eligible for paid vacation or paid sick leave.

Leaves of Absence

Should the need arise, Shari’s works with team members to provide leave of absence or other accommodations. We do our best to meet team members’ varying needs for time off.



Medical Benefits

Shari’s proudly offers managers a choice of three health plans, a traditional PPO plan, and two levels of High Deductible plans that include a Health Savings Account (HSA). Managers may also elect to pay their medical insurance deductions pre-tax; resulting in a personal tax savings.

Dental Benefits

Shari’s dental plan is offered independent of the medical plans, allowing you to tailor your coverage to meet the needs of you and your family. The dental plan covers a portion of routine preventative services, basic services, diagnostic services and major services.

Pay and Bonus

Shari’s offers a competitive salary for managers including an aggressive quarterly bonus program for general managers which are based on restaurant performance.

Direct Deposit

Shari’s offers direct deposit to general managers and assistant managers.

Life Insurance

Shari’s provides each General Manager and Assistant Manager life insurance equaling their annual salary, but not less than $50,000 and not to exceed $100,000. This coverage provides a monetary benefit to your family or designated beneficiary in the event of your death. Those eligible are automatically enrolled in Shari’s life insurance plan on the first day of the month following your first 90 days of employment with Shari’s.

Accident Protection

These plans pay fixed benefit amounts based on covered expenses or treatments resulting from an accident. Shari’s offers two levels of coverage from which to choose.


Shari’s 401(k) is a great way to save for retirement through pre-tax payroll deductions. Team members participating in the plan are eligible for a matching contribution, awarded annually based on company financial results.


As a manager you begin accruing vacation time from your date of hire or the date you are promoted into management. Working full time, managers accrue 80 hours of vacation time in years 1-5. After five years you will accrue 120 hours and after 10 years you will accrue 160 hours.

Sick Time

Upon hire or promotion into management, managers receive 40 hours of paid sick time. An additional 40 hours is awarded annually on the team member’s anniversary date. Shari’s sick leave program is equal to or exceeds the requirements of any local paid sick leave statutes.

Leaves of Absence

Should the need arise, Shari’s works with team members to provide leave of absence or other accommodations. We do our best to meet team members’ varying needs for time off.

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